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agrirouter Release Management | Deployment in Quality Assurance

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• agrirouter Quality Assurance Environment


09th July 2020 15:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC, no downtime forseen.


• Measures for the system stabilization and troubleshooting and also incident solution.


• The end user and developer accounts can be further used.
• All your registered, onboarded endpoints, groups as well as defined data routes can be further used.

Bugfix Package:

• VCU onboarding possible for CU and FS
• Performance Analyse "Slow Moving Vehicles"
• Problems for the translation of the default groups
• Template for mail change indicates wrong action
• Scrolling in the list of routes makes the buttons for editing routes disappear
• Activation emails received for already active account
• Additional information needed by activation or deactivation of the endpoint or data flow
• Registering new (developer) account while having another session results in empty error message
• Filtering shows multiple entries for "Telemetry-Connection"
• Removing search criteria resets selection of the endpoint
• Navigation to an owner of a virtual CU is no longer possible
• Security vulnerabilities in several 3rd parties needs update